Secret Gallery App For Android

Hey Guys Now Share In This Post Best Secret Gallery App In Android We all have some private photos and videos on our device that we want to hide from others. You can simply lock them using Keep Photos Secret app. To secure them, transfer your private images and video files to Keep Photos Secret app and lock them with a password and relax. Now, no one can view these photos or videos without entering the passcode. The app securely keeps all your private and family photos and videos protected.

You can set different passwords for each album, making it difficult for others to access them. When you import images or videos to the app, it prompts you to delete them from original location to keep them hidden from anyone who has access to your device. This is an amazing security feature, which secures your photos and videos without taking additional storage space.

Double Layered Password Security – Protect the entire app with 4 digit pin lock as well as individual photo albums with a password.
Fingerprint Unlock – No need to remember PIN; instantly unlock your secret vault with your fingerprint. (This feature works in devices which include a fingerprint lock.)

Safe and Secure – Media is kept 100% private and is not uploaded on the cloud. Photos and videos are saved in a hidden folder no one can access.

Passcode Recovery – You won’t lose your valuable files even if you forgot your passcode. The app will email the passcode to you if you forget it.
Stealth Mode – In this mode, the app disappears from recent apps list and can’t be tracked.



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