How to Auto skip Ads App for Android

hello Guys Today share in this new post How to Auto skip Ads App for Android Skip Ads App is a simple utility tool to automate some YouTube controls giving complete control over YouTube experience. You don’t have to pause eating or washing dishes just so you could skip an ad or two on YouTube.
YouTube often interrupts your viewing experience with ads.Using this app we’ll skip ads for you (after the 5-0 countdown, without you doing anything). This app is not a ad-blocker, but an ad skipper.

Also, finding quality content is hard. Netflix, Hotstar, Prime Video have ditched the IMDB rating feature which leaves many users puzzled to decide what title to watch.

If IMDB rating is a deciding factor for you to watch any new titles, then this app is just for you.

How does the app work

The app relies on Accessibility Services to skip ads, provide you quick IMDB ratings of the title you are about to watch.

We take Personal Privacy very seriously and do not listen to any Accessibility Events from other apps except Netflix, Hotstar, Prime Video, Youtube also no Personal Information is transmitted over the network
Accessibility permission – Skip Ads App requires access to your phones accessibility setting to function as expected.

Download the App


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